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  NOTE: When I migrated my website to a new server all the links on my old posts (pre2018) became obsolete. Apologies! There are a ton of them and I am slowly trying to fix them, but on older posts you may find that the link takes you no … [Read More]



Anyone who follows my blog or is my Facebook Fan or Friend has seen photos of my adorable RV—her name is “The BookMobile.” I use her for my various road and writing trips. She is an older vehicle, bought as a bargain. Three years later she is once again in the shop. I am officially […]

June 2018 Book Reviews

The Goddesses by Swan Huntley. I think this book was publicized on one of my Facebook writer’s groups. It is decent enough, but I didn’t find anything to be a surprise. This is the story of Nancy—Her husband has cheated on her and they uproot and move to Kona, Hawaii with their twin high school […]


In the course of my training as an educational psychologist I studied the brain. Primarily development and learning. Later in my career, as I moved on to get my MFT license, I worked with the elderly and pursued education in the area of the aging brain. I really liked learning about the brain so much […]

More May Book Reviews

I have been reading, reading, reading…..trying to fill the gap for Marlene? Nope, I just had so many books folks had recommended that I spent an hour searching them and putting them on my library hold list, then suspending groups so that every two weeks I get three new books. I love this processes, although […]

Dancing Shirtless

I wrote last week’s blog regarding my emotional reaction to men dancing without shirts several weeks ago. I have to write blogs ahead of time when I’m traveling, especially to areas with no cell service. It just happened that this time I was at a dance retreat with ninety-nine women at the time that blog […]

That IS How I Feel

I’m working through an issue, and lucky you, I’m sharing. There is an group I belong to that meets regularly (once a week, if I go every time.) It is a large group of folks, mostly strangers, who dance and meditate together. I have made friends with some dancers, but for the most part this […]