Upcoming Events


No events currently scheduled...but stay tuned for the release of The Blue Clay Pot AUDIO soon. … [Read More]


More on Giving…and asking

Not to be critical of great organizations who help a lot of people, but this time of year I am always distressed by the dollars spent on marketing….I have received three packs of FREE Holiday cards (no, not religious, but Santa hats and themes) and hundreds of address stickers (which I use, but not this […]

Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors

A few months ago I joined the Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors. Nope, it’s not ladies with the welcoming basket of goodies for new people in town. It is a hard working group of citizens, with the primary goal to reach out and help those in need in our community. This is a year round group, […]

Friends of the Library

I am going to be starting a series of blogs about my local community clubs and organizations that meet with the purpose of making our town a better place by reaching out to those around us. I’m starting with the Friends of the Applegate Library. This fantastic group has open membership and even includes some […]

November Poetry Club

Welcome to the first meeting of The Poetry Club. Ten women, eager to keep their brains active, meeting monthly to recite and discuss poems. And to share those poems with you. However, I am still trying to figure out copyright law. I know that I can’t reproduce the poems here for you to read, but […]

November Book Reviews

Idaho by Emily Ruskovich. Okay, I’m for sure writing down who recommends books to me because I really want to talk this one over with someone! What a complex, deep, amazingly emotional writer Ruskovich is. In fact, I want to meet HER and talk about this book. This story skips around in time, but the […]

The Sign Says Men

The recent events have me pondering the changes in how women think. I grew up in a family where women were told we could do anything and as we had no boys in the family comparisons were never in the picture. My mother often stated she wanted her daughters to be completely self sufficient and […]