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No events currently scheduled...but stay tuned for the release of The Blue Clay Pot AUDIO soon. … [Read More]


Using the Backspace Key

In our world of texts, social medial posts and instant communication I have become an expert at using the backspace button. Deleting words that are best left unsaid. But I have mixed feelings about it. (Yes, I know, my blogs are filled with my mixed feelings! It would be boring if I told you about […]

January 2019 Book Reviews

Murder in the Collective by Barbara Wilson. This seems like a fairly old book, but I bought it at a used book sale and the front pages are missing. I discovered that I’m the last person to read this copy, because as I read, more and more pages fell out. A strange murder mystery about […]

January Poetry Club

Hurray to Tece who actually memorized her poem. I’m afraid the rest of us were overwhelmed by the holidays and read ours. But that didn’t make for any less of a good time and great discussions by all. Tece recited Sunrise at River Pines by Elvira Zetterlund. This was extra special because Zetterlund was the […]

December Book Reviews 2018

Wow…here we are at the end of 2018…amazing. I read a lot these past few months…some great books, some not so wonderful. Admittedly I read a lot in November because the fire danger was so outrageous in California I felt I needed to stay at home in case there was call fro quick evacuation. Kingdom […]

Stuck at Fourteen

My close friend, Lorie-Jo, understands what it means to be stuck at a certain age. When I try to explain this to other people, I often get blank looks, eye rolls and I can see the thought bubbles–“She’s wacky, you always knew that.” But in two different novels I was reading lately there was reference […]

Poetry Club December 2018

Poetry video I filmed this a few times, mainly because I wanted it to be perfect. I was so grateful to Susan Browne for letting me use her poem on my blog. Then I realized that the purpose of Poetry Club is not perfection and what I really wanted to share was how we actually […]