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Dancing Shirtless

I wrote last week’s blog regarding my emotional reaction to men dancing without shirts several weeks ago. I have to write blogs ahead of time when I’m traveling, especially to areas with no cell service. It just happened that this time I was at a dance retreat with ninety-nine women at the time that blog […]

That IS How I Feel

I’m working through an issue, and lucky you, I’m sharing. There is an group I belong to that meets regularly (once a week, if I go every time.) It is a large group of folks, mostly strangers, who dance and meditate together. I have made friends with some dancers, but for the most part this […]

May Book Reviews

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton (published 1920). I’m not one for classics, but every once in awhile I dip into one. This was a good read, well written flow, but what a perspective. It was one of those books I had to look up when I finished because I didn’t “get” the end. […]

Score of Ten

So here is another tale about my sister. Maybe it’s because I turned sixty but I keep thinking about how we were raised. My mother showered us with praise. She always told us we were the smartest, prettiest, most likely to succeed in every way. I’m not saying we didn’t get in trouble for misbehaving…and […]

April Book Reviews

Judas by Amos Oz. Another one I didn’t finish….but not because it wasn’t good. It actually is good, but complex. The story of a Jewish scholar who goes to live with an old man as a companion and their conversations, with a bit of a love story thrown in. Anyway…lots of amazing information and I […]

Reading Around the Table

So I’m the first one to think that children on devices isn’t a good thing. As a retired educational psychologist, I feel that there are certain basic needs that children are provided through integration and interaction with other people. Reading, playing, waiting, finding something to do…there have been many articles on the impact of today’s […]