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No public events scheduled...I am heading off to write in solitude...stay tuned for my next novel. Working title "Becoming Laura Graham." … [Read More]


Poetry Club September 2020

Another fine meeting via ZOOM…..what would we do without the internet? Cindy started us off with another venture into a different form of poetry…the limerick. She taught us a bit about the history and the way one writes a limerick, then challenged us all to write one! She felt it is a good way to […]

Book Reviews August 2020

The Golden Cup by Belva Plain. This is an old one, published in 1986….I always find it kind of interesting, and a bit depressing, when I read books from what doesn’t seem like so very long ago…when I was a young woman…that show women in a dependent light. This story is about Hennie, a Sephardic […]

Poetry Club August 2020

Another ZOOM meeting, we are really getting the hang of it! Today was one of those interesting days when there came to be an underlying theme: the universe of gardens and how those we know (or don’t know) impact our lives. Tece read a Jane Hirshfield poem from the book “Ledger”….the poem was titled “Today, […]

Living With Nature

I live in a fairly rural area, in a house built in the late 70s…..an aging house. Gradually the local flora and fauna have encroached. Maybe it’s because I have been home so much more this year (well, just like all of you, stuck at home forever!)…but I am really noticing the critters that I […]

My Old Technology

I like technology…I have had so many computers and devices, usually upgrading quite often. But since I retired it seems things are changing too fast for an old, stubborn, soul like me. I grieve when my old device either fails or becomes obsolete. The latests was my tiny iPod shuffle. I think Dan actually got […]

The Evolution of Strawberries in my life

Strawberries have always been my favorite fruit… and my third favorite food (behind chocolate and tacos)…but there has been an evolution of both strawberries and the way I enjoy them. When I was a kid we got strawberries from “stands” that were next to the fields. My mother prepared them by slicing and sprinkling with […]