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No Filter

I don’t often watch TV. (I do watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, so I’m not making any kind of abstinence vow.) I just don’t like the news much anymore, and over the past few years sitcoms have changed or I have changed and they no longer hold my interest. But my husband continues to watch […]

July 2018 Book Reviews

Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil. A NON-FICTION, by choice!!!!! I can’t even remember who recommended this one, but I like it a lot. O’Neil is a data scientist and writes a blog. This book explains how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy in clear language, with simple progressions from point A to […]

Heavy Lifting

When I retired my goal was to take charge of my health. That would be my new job. To eat a healthy diet, to exercise, meditate, join a yoga class, journal everyday, join social support groups (e.g. writers, artists etc) and do everything right. It has gone well. Fifty percent of the time. The whole […]

I Want to Be a Gypsy

I have always been fascinated with the concept of gypsies. Examination of my Ancestry DNA results did not indicate any gypsy blood. I was pretty bummed about this. I wanted to account for my itchy feet, my love of wandering, my total joy at seeing something new with an easy explanation of “it’s in my […]


Anyone who follows my blog or is my Facebook Fan or Friend has seen photos of my adorable RV—her name is “The BookMobile.” I use her for my various road and writing trips. She is an older vehicle, bought as a bargain. Three years later she is once again in the shop. I am officially […]

June 2018 Book Reviews

The Goddesses by Swan Huntley. I think this book was publicized on one of my Facebook writer’s groups. It is decent enough, but I didn’t find anything to be a surprise. This is the story of Nancy—Her husband has cheated on her and they uproot and move to Kona, Hawaii with their twin high school […]