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No public events scheduled...I am heading off to write in solitude...stay tuned for my next novel. Working title "Becoming Laura Graham." … [Read More]


Poetry Club December 2020

Yes, I skipped November…not because we didn’t meet, but because I wasn’t up to blogging! But I’m (somewhat) recovering from my Total Knee Replacement, and can now sit at the computer for short periods. So here goes: Susan started us off with two poems: she couldn’t decide which to read, so opted for both! The […]

December 2020 Book Reviews

The Spy by Paulo Coelho.  This one was recommended by Marlene, by avid reader friend! It was a short look into the life of Mata Hari, told in the form of a letter written just before she was executed. I have to look up her story now, but supposedly this interpretation is historically accurate. It […]

November 2020 Book Reviews

Yep…you haven’t seen any blog posts for a while….I am recovering from knee replacement surgery and so my previous isolation is quadrupled! Plus, I’m drugged and in pain…so know writing. But I’m recovering now so here goes…all you will see for a couple of weeks are books reviews! The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff. Thank […]

Book Reviews October 2020

Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout. I LOVED this book…now I have to go back and re-read Olive Kitteridge, because I know I liked it but it’s been a long time. This book has inspired me to want to write again because of the format….at first I was puzzled, but when I caught on I loved […]

Encouraging the VOTE

I am definitely not a fan of telemarketing calls, spam email or flyers in my mailbox. But being stuck at home, bored, frustrated, overwhelmed…I felt the need to do something to encourage folks to vote. A friend of mine introduced me to VOTE FORWARD, a simple way to participate in urging people to vote. It’s […]

Poetry Club October 2020

  Tece started us off with “On the Fifth Day” by Jane Hirshfield. We were all somewhat speechless after she read the poem….very deep. For some of us it was somewhat religious…modeling after Genesis. It was apropos for the times, and written in March of 2020. Basic themes of silencing the scientists, but of how […]