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  Book Signing Join me at Baked and Brewed for the release of my newest book. November 1, 2016 11:00-2:00 958 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA Wear a costume or bring a photo of your altar for a discount on book purchases. … [Read More]


Robin’s October Book Reviews

Voice of the Violin by Andrea Camilleri.  I am happy this is a series because it was one of those relaxing nail biters. Yep, that is how I felt. There is all the tension and foreshadow and wrong turns that a detective story deserves, but it is well written and flows and has great characters. […]

Nursery Rhymes

I love nursery rhymes long before I was Queen of Children’s Fairlyland. (Yes, I really was, that is a different story, but here’s a photo.) The rhythm of the sing song worked well when hopping on one foot, traveling in the back seat of the car with nosed pressed to window or listening to the […]

Marlene’s October Book Reviews

Brenner and God by Wolf Haas.  This author came as a recommendation from a pen pal.  Thanks for the introduction!  It is a very clever mystery and a unique way of telling it.  It is a little gruesome with the mounting body count revelations but a charming detective and a humorous viewpoint of the narrator will […]

Fighting Change (or is it really progress?)

In my mad dash to publish Day-of-the-Not-So-Dead on the actual Day-of-the-Dead I am simultaneously making the changes the editor sends, making a custom cover actually fit the book (not so easy as when I edit it changes the number of pages in the manuscript, which in turn changes the size of the cover needed) AND […]

Robin’s September Book Reviews

In the Not Quite Dark: Stories by Dana Johnson Straight to the heart, these stories describe the “normalcy” of real life, the strange feelings about who we are, who we become, where we live. Of course there is nothing normal about any of it. Johnson has great Voice and took me into a world that […]

Book Club The Sympathizer by Vietnam Thanh Nguyen

The Sympathizer by Vietnam Thanh Nguyen “The Sympathizer follows a nameless spy who has infiltrated the South Vietnamese army and flees with its remnants to America. His mission: report on their efforts to continue their lost war. As the aide to a general who refuses to admit defeat, he observes the struggles of the Vietnamese refugees […]