Words that Roll off Your Tongue

Some time back, during a long drive, I started talking to myself out loud. I listed words I though were fun to say…you know, they kind of roll off your tongue or make you laugh. I wanted to see what other folks enjoyed saying so I asked….Here is the list:

Robin: plethora

Tiffany: Banana, onomatopoeia, kazoo

Mina: Chrysalis

Mark and Nancy: circuitous

Debbie: Wabi-Sabi, cattywampus, brouhaha

Paula: juxtaposition

Randy: covfefe

Jerri: Scrumptious, persnickety

Carol: Rhododendron

Bryan: labyrinthine

Susan: assiduously

Tece: schedule with English pronunciation

George: moist, impeachment, incarceration, inept, inelegant, inconsequential, pissant

June: marbles, ersatz, sneezing, laudable

Laureen: loquacious, unctuous, esoteric, hubris

Numerous: The “F” word

Ronilyn: kumquat

Lin: kerfuffle, imbroglio

Lorie Jo: bouquet garní, kartuffel, paralelepíppedo, scaliwag, directionator (another new word!), cacophony

Susan: hippopotamus

Emily: crystalline

Karin: kerfuffle

Maureen: hyperbole, fortuitous, ambiguous, ginormous, scintilla, flotsam, jetsam, astinatism, fractious, squeamish, meniscus, claptrap, waffle

Regan: onomatopoeia, myriad

Roxanne: concatenation

James: shampoo, algorithm

Jennifer: Montepulciano

Corby: superfluous

Donna: Epiphany, Kakistocracy

Peter: capricious. cornucopia, twitterpated, vicissitude, truculent, effluent, Thesaurus, wanderlust, veritable crescendo

Laura: alluvial

Teresa: haberdashery, colloquial, penitent

Susan: Peep-toed pumps, succinctly, implicitly, imprecation,

Cindy: Twitterpated

Judy: erudite, effervescent, microcosm,

Patty: snickerdoodle, bulbous bouffant

Susan: solitude, dearth, earth, fibberxgibbet, smooth, eventual, anthropomorphism, pismire

Margot: serendipity, autumn

Beth: medulla oblongata

Nathan: Hyoid Bone

Stewart: flummoxed

Mrs. McElwain (our middle school English teacher in 1972) Regurgitate

Michelle: fuck and hence

Linda: eventually

Susan: yum

Rebecca: apparently

Laura: foncentrating (yes, new word created from sheltering in place.)

Cynthia Rose: adelanté

Laura: malapropism

Marilyn: amuck

Janis: superfluous

Lori: indubitably