What do we deserve?

During my favorite 5Rhythms dance of every year, the White to the Light dance (in December we dance one Sunday in all black and the next Sunday in all white), I was thinking about the poem I might recite for our Christmas celebration. I’m trying to start some new traditions: less focus on gifts and more focus on each other. Anyway, suddenly a poem was forming in my head. Granted, I have only recently started to even appreciate and learn about poetry. But these words came, so here they are:

I deserve this, I don’t deserve that.

I deserve that, but I don’t deserve this.

Why did this happen?

I made the right choice, I made the wrong choice.

I made the good choice, I made the bad choice.

Why didn’t I see the outcome?

I stopped at the fork in the road and considered my options.

I kept my feet moving even when I didn’t know what was ahead.

Shouldn’t my life be perfect by now?

I followed all the rules, I broke a rule or two.

I toed the line, I explored the world.

Shouldn’t I be happy by now?

See the woman over there?

The one standing with her cardboard sign.

The one prone on the cold concrete.

The one pushing the cart loaded with cardboard and rags.

The one running.

The one sleeping.

The one crying.

Did she deserve this?