The Ease of Brainwashing

spinesIt is pretty easy to brainwash someone. Especially without them knowing. (I just re-typed several keywords from my title in the body of my work). I know this because of the way I write my blog post each month.

I do it for Google. Google has slowly shaped my behavior. Even more than Facebook, which has become my personal journal.

A few years ago I wrote the story “Sleep Tight, George Orwell.” You can read it here on my blog or in my book “Sisters in Pieces”. (Or you can listen to me read it, if you are so inclined). In this book I equate our “smart” phones to “Little Sister”—the real Big Brother. What this means is that for a few years I have known with absolute certainty that my behavior and my daily addiction to posting everything and surfing everything and buying everything on line and getting my news from random Facebook posts and links is really, really stupid.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Because I have fallen into the trap of changing my behavior, day after day, to fit what is expected of me by “THEM”.

And I don’t even know who they are. Google? Facebook? Twitter? The Government? The Big Five? Americans? World Power?

Google decides what happens with my blog. Google decides if it will pop me up to the top of the list when someone types into that cute, magic little search box. Google decides based on my behavior.

Of course I can pay them to decide in my favor. If I’m really, really rich. And if I’m not rich, why they give me a fair chance. Follow their rules (as in making sure my title is related to my content by repeating certain words. Although today it reminded me I had used the words “book review” way too much on my blog. Which is hard to avoid when two posts a month are….drum roll… reviews.) Anyway, follow their rules and I just might get more hits on my blog.

Why do I need hits on my blog?

Well, because THEY tell me that this means I’ll sell more books. But after five years of blogging I’m not so sure. It seems that my books sell because: 1) My mother tells all her friends to read them, 2) My friends read them and tell their friends to read them, and 3) I sit behind a table at some random event and hawk them. After five years I do have great folks who follow my blog. I even have one good friend who comments and a few others who share the FB link to my blog. And that makes me happy, although in reality it is just more following the Google mind control police because…well, just because.

So I am brainwashed. I know it. I hate it. But do I stop? Never.


  1. I would call that behavior modification rather than brain washing. You still have your set of beliefs and your life philosophies. You certainly are acting just as “normal Robin” used to act before all this blog stuff. If the blog isn’t selling more books for you as least it is getting you to write more!

    Happy Holidays!

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