Taking Photos of my Food

There is a lot about the silly behavior of photographing and posting photos of your food on social media. I do it all the time…not only my plate but everyone else’s too. I know it’s silly, but I can’t seem to stop myself so I am trying to analyze my behavior. Here is what I have come up with:

I love to eat. I love the flavors, the presentation, the fact that someone else cooked for me.

I hate to cook.

Eating has a lot of rules. My doctor wants me to be whole food/ plant based, my urologist wants me to avoid oxalates, my blood tests say watch out for cholesterols, sugar, fats, etc. Even my wallet says watch what you choose.

I hate to cook.

Looking at the photo brings back the pleasure I had when eating. Perhaps by posting it I’m saying that I want to share this wonderful experience with others.

Or perhaps I’m being pompous in thinking anyone really cares. Maybe I have fallen into the trap of sharing all the mundane details of my life on social media and thus I am missing out on what is really important.

Did I mention I hate to cook?

By the way, the photo is of a great meal in Santa Cruz, at the harbor. Poke appetizer and avocado stuffed with crab and deep fried…hello, wasn’t that amazing. Plus I got a parking ticket that day. Just thought you should know.