I had to look up why free giveaways are called swag, only to realize that I had been calling them slag for some time. The two definitions….well maybe I have been giving away slag.

SWAG: Three meanings. Only one means the bookmarks and pens given away as promotional materials. The other means the loot a thief gets when robbing your house. The third means a kind of style…the kind with drooping pants, or a baseball player would have, from the word “swagger” or walk with that certain movement.

SLAG: the dross of a metal, or rather the pile of stuff left over after processing metal. In slang terms, slag is a derogatory name you can call someone, meaning various things from different sources: a lewd woman or a worthless person.

Anyway, the other night after speaking to a group of high school students and passing out bookmarks I realized how useless this item was to these kids. They read everything on devices, even text books. And a pen would be just as useless, in the long run. Thankfully there are still adults who use these items.

But what could I give to students for marketing purposes? It has to be affordable. A balloon? A phone case (not affordable!) Stickers?

I guess I just have to continue to target folks who actually like to hold a book in their hands.