Support Groups for Eating (vs eating support groups)

I have talked a bit about cancer support groups, but now I’m going to talk about a different kind of group. I recently joined up with Marina Francis for her Eating Authentically group. I didn’t do it because I want to lose weight.

I have lost weight. Over and over again. Things like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and more work for me. My latest weight loss came from what I call the fear diet….fear of death!

Trouble is I have always gained it back and over the last year the upward trend has been happening (again). This time I want to keep all the health gains from the past three years: No more CPAP machine, knees doing better, more energy, better sleep, feeling good about how I move around on this earth. So when I saw the announcement for this group I decided to take a chance.

I have only been to one meeting, and I was very pleased. Sadly, I’m heading out on one of my writing adventures, so I will miss the next few meetings. But I thought I would share it with you so that anyone who is in the same boat as me has a chance to explore this type of intervention. Our “homework” for the first night was simple. Sit and think. Look at your food. Breath. Oh, and take a picture of a pretty plate to put on your phone as a “cue” for what you are striving for.

Check out the website!