Sixty of Six: Four years out with Breast Cancer

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost four years ago I woke up. Caring for my health in a preventative way shot to the top of the list. I changed my diet and my habits, which included expanding my list of excercises. I did well for two years, then the fear of dying faded and I started to find excuses not to follow this healthy lifestyle. Thus, for my sixtieth birthday the challenge was formed. A motivation for staying active, I challenged myself to complete SIXTY of the following activities by my next birthday: hiking, dancing (5Rhythms), kayaking, riding (horse/bike), aerobic workouts and lap swims. This video is my story.


This fantastic soundtrack is by Adrian Libertini. I met him in the Seattle airport, where musicians are set up around to help pass the time. As I always do when I find a musician I like, I bought his CD and asked his permission to use it for my videos…he graciously granted his permission. You can listen to him (and support his music, please) at his website: