Sisters in Pieces

Sisters in Pieces front cover onlyMeet Miriam, Callie and Phoebe Foster. Three sisters who haven’t spoken in years. When Miriam accuses her younger sister, Phoebe, of killing their mother, the battle is on. Miriam knows that Phoebe got away with murder, literally, and she refuses to accept her sister’s behavior as normal. Ever-pleasing Callie, mother-to-all, tries to keep peace between her two sisters. She’s used to being in the middle of the constant battles, and now, with a husband and four children, she is better than ever at problem solving. But even Callie can’t ignore it when Phoebe makes a play for her husband. Doesn’t her sister have plenty of husbands, make that ex-husbands, of her own?

Sisters in Pieces, twenty tales of life, love, murder and intestinal distress, will bring the Foster sisters together once again.

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