Singing the Technology Blues

Yep. Here I go again. Power outages due to the storms here in Northern California. Last one was okay…I used a flashlight and critiqued an entire memoir for a friend. This one? Nope, not so good. I just got back from an eleven day trip and there are soooo many things I need to catch up on. Banking, autobill pay, buying tickets for an event, library books suspended from hold that need to be released so I have something to read (haha…not counting the hundreds of books on my shelves and the seventy-five waiting on my Kindle). Anyway…not a good time for the power to fail. AND of course even when the power returned the phones, tv and internet were not working. I waited two days before I called. Why wait two days? Because my mobile doesn’t work at my house (rural living) without the tower powered by…drumroll…my internet. And the land lines are also internet/cable dependent.

We did get our tv back. But in a strange, very twilight zone experience we only got the SyFi channel. Boredom with a chaser of curiosity led us to actually watch a movie for about fifteen minutes. I’m thinking the target audience was age thirteen-seventeen, my opinion based solely on the amount of action, love and handsome men. We did like the part where the hero wasn’t actually killed, but had moved on to another place (heavenish?) and all his wounds were healed. That is something to hope for. Pain free eternity.

Anyway, after a trip to the freeway spot where my mobile works and a conversation with the technician I restored internet and ONE of our phone lines. I used that one to call about the still not working second line. Here is a rough transcript of the conversation.

“So if you have two phone lines, you have two cables into the modem, are both plugged in?”

“No, I don’t have two cables. I have one phone that has two lines. Both come over one cable. This has not changed in the three years we have had your service. Nothing was unplugged. The power was out.”

“That isn’t possible. You have to have two cables if you have two lines.”

“Believe me, it is possible. It has worked for over thirty years.”

“Can you look at the phone to be sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“And the phone isn’t off the hook, right?”

“I am talking to you on the phone. Line one. Line two is lit up and not working.”

“So which line is line one?”

“The one I’m talking to you on. The one that is my account number you just used. The one that you asked if it was working thirty seconds ago.”

He finally agreed that a technician would need to come out. I’m pretty sure we don’t need a technician. And the guy who always comes makes me uncomfortable. The first thing he always does is ask to use our bathroom. I’m going to say no this time.

Oh, and the first appointment available is in ten days. Zipping right out, are they?