September Poetry Club Part Two

This month Cindy shared the lyrics to Donavan’s Catch the Wind. She didn’t try to make it into the song, but rather, read it the way she felt about the lyrics as a poem.

Leslie shared two poems by Natalie Goldberg. After attending her 60th class reunion in the small Oregon town where she grew up, Leslie told the group she chose these poems because of the mix of joy and grief one feels upon visiting a place with so much meaning…some things stayed the same, but others had changed or disappeared. “When You Leave Home” reflected a lot of what she felt. The second poem, “Top of My Lungs” was about a love that tried to be. (Ahhhh…a similar theme to Catch the Wind!)

Susan shared Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold (published 1867 or so) and a funny story of how she came to know this poem. A funny professor from Chico was lamenting to Susan that students hadn’t ever been introduced to the poem and that everyone should know it! We all loved the images of the sea and Cindy shared with us that if you are ever in Dover you must go to one of the best museums ever…smellorama and built right into the cliffs.

Tece brought beautiful morning glory blossoms as a visual aid for her recitation of Morning Glories by Mary Oliver. We all agreed that there are no weeds, just plants that are not where you want them.

Kathy shared “The Peace of Wild Things” by Wendell Berry. This poem truly reflects how our group feels…comforted and supported by the natural world around us.