Seeking Support

I have had an upswing lately, but this followed a dip. Feeling like myself again, I started signing up for classes. I am a perpetual student….I LOVE taking classes of all types. So far–this week only–I have registered for the Sierra Writer’s Conference, two classes at Wellness Within (dance and art) and an ongoing workshop through PlacerArts, working through “The Artist Way: A spiritual path to Higher Creativity,” a course by Julia Cameron to restore creativity. I know, even as I push the register buttons that I am probably over-extending.

Part of this is in reaction to my search for the perfect support group. So far I have liked them all, but each time I feel something is still missing. This is probably because I haven’t a clue what I am searching for.

Magic? Maybe, that has always been my go-to solution. That and denial.

Oh, I also reconnected with a fellow author and volunteered to critique his entire book in exchange for his critique of my entire work.

One little catch…I don’t have an entire work right now. I have three in progress. I know that I am engaging in that old concept of “if I have a deadline, I’ll be more likely to get it done.” Now I’m trying to figure out if working on just one of these novels can serve the dual purpose of being my homework for the class.

Maybe not magic, just cheating.

What do you do when in a slump?

The photo is my Great Uncle Joe and his band. Creative group.

Oh…and I am also a guest on #MomLists…check it out.