Score of Ten

So here is another tale about my sister. Maybe it’s because I turned sixty but I keep thinking about how we were raised.

My mother showered us with praise. She always told us we were the smartest, prettiest, most likely to succeed in every way. I’m not saying we didn’t get in trouble for misbehaving…and she had my father’s belt, but those were the times. I’m pretty sure we never got grounded, only spanked, but that’s because they hardly let us go anywhere. We could roam the neighborhood all we wanted, but we had to stay within shouting distance.

Anyway….my sister told me this story. I’m sure I have a lot of the details wrong, because that is the mind of a storyteller…I change it to fit my own image. And also, I can’t remember the story that well, so I made up things.

My sister is a high school science teacher and I think she was at some sort of training for her job. Anyway, it involved a team of adults who had to follow a series of auditory directions and draw a complex figure. After you were done you had to give yourself a score of 1-10 on how well you thought your figure had turned out.

My sister gave herself a “9”. She was pretty sure she might have missed something.

The next step was to share your figure with the group. My sister was a bit surprised to see that hers was the worst out of all five people.

There was one woman who had a near perfect figure.

This high achieving woman had given herself a score of “2” for quality.

When asked why so low a score the woman showed classic low confidence. “I missed things, I got this line a little off and the size wasn’t exactly how I thought it should be and yada yada yada.”

The group waited for my sister to explain why her lopsided, missing major components, erased figure deserved a “9.”

“It’s my mother. She always told me I was perfect. I can not see myself as ever doing the wrong thing. What ever I do must be great.”

I laughed when my sister told me the story because it was true. But I added something.

“If I had been there I would have given myself a “10” for a score. Why? Because Dad always said if you don’t give your self the highest score who will?”