Robin’s October Book Reviews

img_1754Voice of the Violin by Andrea Camilleri.  I am happy this is a series because it was one of those relaxing nail biters. Yep, that is how I felt. There is all the tension and foreshadow and wrong turns that a detective story deserves, but it is well written and flows and has great characters. The only issue I had is remembering all the Italian names because of lack of familiarity. I was glad I was reading the actual paper book version so I could flip back when needed. The series are the adventures of detective Salvo Montalbano, who in his less than normal ways solves the mystery. A good vacation read. Rate: 4.0

The Life All Around Me by Ellen Foster (that part is the title) by Kaye Gibbons. So apparently Gibbons first novel was called Ellen Foster and I will find it because it is touted to be a classic American coming-of-age novel. This book is the follow up. Maybe if I had read the other first? Anyway, sorry, my bookmark fell out at around page 45 and I can’t be troubled to find my place. No rating for this one.

Susannah, A Lawyer: From Tragedy to Triumph by Ruth Rymer.  I met the author many years ago and bought this book, which has been among the shelves and stacks waiting to be read. The first part of the story was a bit slow. We are tossed into a short prologue (which I never really found to play an important part in the story) and then into the early trauma that influences who Susannah Reed is to become. More early life follows, with introductions of the many characters. Sluggish and I almost put this one down too. But half way through the story flows more readily and the action builds up. I actually became very engrossed in the tale of how this young woman becomes a lawyer in the late 1800s, when women were first making attempts at breaking into the male profession. So I’m rating it 3.5, with a move toward a 4.0 in the second half.