Repeating Myself

I post a new blog every Friday. This means I have to think of ideas constantly. I keep a log on my phone and jot down ideas for blogs. Then I go to my computer, pull up the list and write.

That’s what I’m doing right now. Reviewing my list.

Trouble is, I didn’t track which ideas I have used. So now I have to search my own website and try to remember what I wrote. As I was searching today I realized I totally write about the same thing more than once.

The funny part of this is that I often change my mind between blogs…so one might be one side and the later one totally the opposite viewpoint. And I write with such conviction from both sides….hmmmm…..

So, I’m pretty sure I already wrote about his topic: Teaching an old dog new tricks.

Did I? Do you already know about my cousin George, a great hiking partner, teaching me how to tie my shoes so they don’t come untied? There is a vague memory of typing out the tale of the first time I ever tied my shoes and sharing this boring story with you all once already. I can’t find it when I search my blogs, so maybe you will hear about it someday soon. Again.

Okay, what about ways to keep from being bored with retirement? Or maybe that’s not even what that note meant. Maybe I wrote about how I look down on people who are bored with retirement? Or maybe I just egotistically compared myself with others and ranted about how I’m never bored. What the heck was I thinking?

Then there are my writing lesson blogs….I know I repeat myself there because when I write those it is always because I have noticed a deficit in my own writing and I need to remind myself how to do something. Looking at my list of potential blog topics I see this: I thought she was thinking he might have thought…getting closer or pulling the reader into the characters….what was I trying to tell myself with that idea? No clue.

Starting today I am deleting ideas I have used from the list. But really, I should just put a check mark next to them, because we all know I will come up with the same idea again and have no recollection that I already had this idea.

So, there is a random photo (I know, all my blog photos are random) of the world’s best Sundae at the top of this blog. I had it for lunch on a recent visit to Santa Fe and I promised the proprietor I would plug his shop….this truly was an amazing experience…so when you are in Santa Fe don’t miss Kakawa Chocolate House…lots of choices to eat, drink and take along with you.