Progress on 2019 Challenge

So, by now you know that each year I give myself a challenge. Sometimes it involves learning something new. Last year, when I had my 60th birthday, it was the Sixty of Six stay active challenge. This year I challenged myself to do 61 things I had never done before.

This is proving harder than I thought. Sixty-one….more than one a week. And the weeks pass so quickly!

So…I’m actually writing this blog post way in advance because I am heading out on a writing retreat. For the retreat to work I have to get rid of all my other obligations and responsibilities. Hopefully, during my two month adventure I will add to this list.

So far, four months in, it is a very short list. In fact, I have only done ELEVEN unique things at this point. But I did do something the other day…I mentioned to some friends that I was falling short and they came up with several great ideas.

I could use some more ideas! Please comment on FB with your ideas. These don’t have to be big adventures…in fact, if they are too big, I won’t be able to accomplish them.

The photo is one of the unique experiences so far….I went snow shoeing for the first time! It was amazing. I have also danced at the All Nations Pow Wow, gone birdwatching, published an audio book, drove down the front of a dam, visited a monastery and talked to a monk.