Poetry Club August 2020

Another ZOOM meeting, we are really getting the hang of it! Today was one of those interesting days when there came to be an underlying theme: the universe of gardens and how those we know (or don’t know) impact our lives.

Tece read a Jane Hirshfield poem from the book “Ledger”….the poem was titled “Today, Another Universe”. In light of all the trees PGE has been clearing to reduce fire danger and my recent trip to take a rescued baby bird to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, this poem was extremely meaningful for me. We had an in depth discussion about our love and hate relationship with the Acorn Woodpeckers using our houses as their granaries.

Barbara read “The Visible and the In” by Marge Piercy, which was filled with vivid descriptions of how the people in our lives impact us. This is one of those well thought out poems, which each word provides a very specific feeling, for example a bus station vs a train station…as Susan put it…the bus station is much more close to every man…crowded, noisy, smelly.

Susan read two poems. The first was by Katia Kapovich, a bilingual Russian poet. The poem was “Hurdles” which reflected her actual time as a track and field hurdle jumper, but of curse we all know that the true hurdles are how we live our lives. This poet uses great imagery to take the reader straight into the scene. The second poem was by Mary Oliver (we seem to have at least one every month!)..Reckless Poem, another garden poem.

Robin enjoyed the poems of Robert Service, read in a previous meeting, and spent time reading lots of his work. The poem “The Men That Don’t Fit In” spoke to her, specifically because she has the gypsy spirit and is mourning not being able to go on a road trip. We then discussed traveling, or the lack of it and how it is possible, but restricted in this time of pandemic.

Cindy read another fantastic poem from the poems used in therapy genre…this one was “The God Who Loves You,” by Carl Dennis. What a discussion this led us to! It was about many things, just a few were how your life went one way, when it so easily could have gone another with just one choice (in the poem it’s going to a different college)…then there was the spiritual believe in how the deity (in the poem “god” not “GOD”) interacts with each person, what we believe about our destiny and more. Take the time to click the link and read this one…it’s well worth it. I’m going to explore more by Dennis.

Kathy read two poems by children, one age 14 and one age 9, who were winners of a contest put on by the Pacific Region Garden Club. The first was “Home Sweet Desert Home,” (pg 49) another garden and universe themed poem and the second was “I like Being in the Garden” (pg 44)…you can read them all at this link.

Leslie read “Poet” by Alexa Hollywood, a poet with quite a background. She had read this before but when not many of the members could attend, so she wanted to share it with the rest of us. It seemed very timely because of the simplicity of our days in the current situation. The title is followed by “For Nancy, who ceased to write when her professor told her she had the words of a housewife.” Hollywood takes those words and shows the absolute beauty in them.