Poetry Club April 2019

A small group this month, as many of us are traveling. Special Thanks to Susan Rushton for sending me the notes. As I wasn’t there, I can’t comment on how others felt about the poems, only my opinion. I read each one aloud, because the one thing I have learned: POEMS NEED TO BE READ ALOUD!

Susan recited Dover Beach, by Matthew Arnold. I had to read it aloud twice. I think this poem is for those who really love words (Ah, yes, Susan). I wish I had been there for the discussion because I think much of this poem alluded me. I put the link in so you all can read it and explain it to me.

Leslie shared a poem called Poet by Alexa Hollywood. Ahhh…this one is dedicated to a woman who quit writing when her professor commented her words were that of a housewife. And so Hollywood writes of the beauty of the daily tasks, the odors, the visions. A melancholy poem.

Kathy read a POEM, not LYRICS: Home on the Range (Anonymous).  I LOVED this poem and it’s timeliness for where I am right now. Off in the quiet mountains, surrounded by ranges. All the references to the clear (and dark) night skies are apt, and I go out each night to appreciate the beauty and quantity of stars (as well as the sliver of a moon and the great view of the International Space Station going over)