Placer Land Trust

My “to do” list has had “join Placer Land Trust” on it for over a year. I finally was able to go for one of their featured hikes today. It was just what I needed after a long week of paperwork, numbers, and things going slightly south.

Placer Land Trust describes their mission as”

We believe that wild open spaces and natural playgrounds add to quality of life and are an essential platform to connect people to themselves, others and the land. For this reason, we work with willing landowners and conservation partners to permanently protect natural and agricultural lands in Placer County for current and future generations. Protecting and enhancing the land, including restoring habitat and building trails, ensures that natural wonders and natural playgrounds remain a part of our community, now and forever.

They offer guided hikes on land that is otherwise not open to the public. You must use care in choosing your hike…some are strenuous. I chose one guided by geologists and naturalists. Perfect for a sunny day, grass growing, mud solidified enough to hike on, and a wonderful group. The docents hauled maps and I learned about watershed, geology, earthquake faults, plants (one docent carries a magnifying glass so that even the tiniest blossom becomes fascinating.)

Even if you don’t live in my neck of the woods, I’m betting you can find a land trust in your area. It’s worth it. Don’t wait a year.