Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

I have been working hard to increase serenity in my life and one of my tasks is to let go of my pet peeves. Maybe writing about them will help me to let them go….or at least to have a minor reaction.

Why are they called pet peeves anyway? I love my pets and I don’t love these strange “isms” that make me clench my jaw. I want my dog at my side, not some strange, angry image. A Google search revealed the origins of the word peeve, but the whole pet thing seems to just mean “favorite.”

Hmmm….I’m not sure I would call something that irks me a favorite, so it must be tongue in cheek?

Anyway, here goes:

When someone says they know someone who is my twin.  I work very hard to be unique. I don’t want there to be anyone else out there who is even remotely like me.

People say “This is Dad’s 111th birthday.” about a long deceased father (or any other relative.)  I think you have to stop counting once you are dead. I like to imagine the spirit in a better place, where time doesn’t exist the same way we have it. Don’t yank them back to earth by making them 111 years old…think of the joint pain. Okay, I’m being very particular and a B*t#h. Go ahead, if it makes you happy and thinking about your deceased relative in a good way….sigh.

Posts that complain about your vs you’re (or other grammar issues). This was okay back in the days when we typed or used a pencil to write….but now? Spell and grammar autocorrect change things and when I’m on a roll or even a role I am not examining each and every word…sure, when I post a blog I should proof read, but face it, I’m terrible at punctuation and grammar. And I can’t afford to pay an editor for my blogs (I do pay an editor for my novels!) And while I’m on the subject…it’s vs its doesn’t follow the rules.

Mothers at the heath club who put their three and five year old daughters on the scale and make a big deal about their weight.  Yeah…like that could ever be a good thing.

Folks at the health club who bring five towels out to the pool, complain about how small the towels are and leave them around when they are done. Okay…bring a beach towel. It really isn’t that hard…the club washes hundreds of towels every day and if that cost goes up, so does the cost of our memberships.

Broken taco shell. Okay, some of you will get on my case for even going to the drive-up and eating tacos…I know, I know. You don’t have to remind me. But I LOVE them…so once in a while I indulge…HOWEVER, I do count the calories and nutrients and log them into my FitnessPal app…so when the person making the taco breaks the shell and simply slaps another one on top of it…wow…not fair. I can’t eat both…for a bunch of reasons. It changes the ratio of innards to shell and thus changes the taste I love so much, it changes the calories and nutrients, and it is hard on my jaw and teeth to crunch through double shells.

Along those same lines…I love Dutch Bros. I don’t go there very often, usually when I’m on a long drive. I use my own cup (I use my own cup EVERYWHERE now). My cup is bigger than a small…when I order a small, and I know they do this to be generous, they always fill it up…which is a medium or more….again…CALORIES! Yes, I could own this and only drink half…right…like that is ever going to happen.

So I guess my final pet peeve is why can’t I have more will power?

What about you? Share your top pet peeve…(you have to do this on FB, as I had to block comments on website due to extreme hacking patterns! Oh! Another Pet Peeve…why can’t my website just exist in harmony?)