This is an educational blog. I found out the other day that people don’t know about Overdrive. They don’t know about California libraries. So I’m going to tell you all so that you can take advantage of this most golden opportunity. Not only that you can save money and quit giving it to big corporations that want to rule the world. Maybe I am sinking myself with this, because I would like you to buy my books, but it is worth it to me.

In California (and probably many other states) you can get a library card at almost any library. You no longer have to be a resident of that town or county, only the state. The catch being you have to apply in person.

Now why would you want to have so many library cards?

The answer is Overdrive.

Overdrive is an app to access audio and ebooks on your device…be it iPad, computer or phone. The more library cards you have, the more choices you have. The bigger cities (San Francisco, Sacramento are the two close to me) have more choices. You can even borrow such things as Learning Spanish in your car. You can borrow things for 21 days and place holds which will be automatically delivered to you when they are available. Bigger libraries generally have multiple copies of popular books and I have never had to wait longer than a week for something I want to be available.

Check it out!