Ode to the Locking GasCap

I was driving down the freeway through my town the other day and my eye was unexpectedly drawn to a gas station on the frontage road. I realized it was because my sister was pumping gas! She is easily recognizable with her straw hat, long braid and flowing skirts…but it was that whole subconscious thing that made me look. When I told her I had seen her she related a story about a stuck gas cap.

Which brings me to the Ode to the Locking Gas Cap. When I bought the RV, with its huge gas tank (and the poor gas mileage to go along with it) I decided I needed a locking gas cap. I purchased one—a nice one at that—and all was well.

Until I hit the road for a two week trip. And in Reno, my first stop because I was picking up my traveling companion at the Reno Airport, I went to fill up.

I couldn’t get the gas cap off. The key wouldn’t work (I knew it was the right key because I always err on the side of caution and I had tested it before leaving home.) Of course, gas stations are no longer “service” stations. They are mini marts and fast food and lottery tickets, but they sure aren’t anyone who knows the first thing about mechanical stuff.

After much stress I got it off. LUCKILY I still had the old one in the vehicle and I used it, NOT the locking cap.

Anyway, none of that is the story. The story is that after my sister mentioned her stuck gas cap and I recalled the above experience, I thought about being prepared. I take pride in the family nickname for me…”The Girl Scout” and I do try to think of every advance precaution. But what is my strength is also my weakness. Because you cannot be prepared for everything. Not only that, you take the fun out of things by being over prepared and thinking about what MIGHT happen. I have been trying to be more of a “go with the flow” type (I will never be spontaneous, that is pushing my basic personality way too far to the other side) and I have been a tiny bit successful. It’s hard because I know myself…someone who doesn’t deal well with surprises, change or delay.

Well, that I’m married to the insurance sales person’s best customer. A man whose answer to being prepared is to be insured. Which brings me to a topic for another day….the loophole.