What is it about the New Year and Resolutions

calendar-for-blogI’m pretty sure everyone blogs about resolutions or the New Year every time January first comes around again. How can this temptation be resisted? But as I sit at the computer and type I can’t help but ask myself…


Why don’t we ever feel the need to summon up new resolve, make new plans, put exercise charts on the wall, download a calorie counter app, and charge our fitbits on March 1? Instead, the start of spring is associated with deep house cleaning.

The clock and the calendar: are we slaves to these artificial grids drawn over our lives?


I am.

So tomorrow I will spend lots of time with colored markers and make a new chart which outlines my life. Blue for daily meditation, red for exercise and green for out door activities. Black for my writing schedule (uh oh, that doesn’t seem like a good thing). Purple for time with friends. Yellow and Orange are omitted from my charts because I don’t like those colors much. I hope I can stick with it until the end of April, because then I can clean the house.

What are you planning?