My Old Technology

I like technology…I have had so many computers and devices, usually upgrading quite often. But since I retired it seems things are changing too fast for an old, stubborn, soul like me. I grieve when my old device either fails or becomes obsolete.

The latests was my tiny iPod shuffle. I think Dan actually got it as a gift at a Veterinary Conference. Of course it sat on his dresser for a year, so I absconded with it. I have used it, safely tucked in a water proof case, to listen to music while I swim laps.

But it died. Well, the case died and it got wet and you know the rest of the story.

Imagine my surprise when I logged on to purchase a new one and found that they don’t exist anymore! Oh, I could by one for HUNDREDS of dollars on Ebay or some other secondary market. That’s not going to happen.

I found a similar item, a little MP3 shuffle type thing for $30 and was going to order it, until I saw the reviews….basically no one had anything to say other than the device had failed after a month or two.

I spent some time searching…sure, there are fancy IPod shuffles, expensive and nothing I want to take into the pool, because as you know by now, even the best of case can leak.

Now is when I admit I don’t get rid of things. Which may prove good in this case. I dug out my old iPod and my first iPhone….neatly tucked with a million cables and cords of unknown use in a ziplock bag in the bottom of the file cabinet.

I’m too attached to the iPod to take it in the water…it has ALL my music on it from way before the cloud method….my personal CDs downloaded.

But my old phone? Set in airplane mode since December of 2017. Which wasn’t when I bought a new phone, it’s when Dan did, because he inherits my old stuff.

So it’s charged up and ready to go. Now I just have to find the time to go to the pool for laps.