My 2019 Birthday Challenge: 61 Unique Experiences

Each year I give myself a birthday challenge: something to reach for over the 365 days until my next birthday. Admittedly, 2019 challenge of complete 61 Unique events (simply something I had never done before, not necessary that it be planned or good or anything other than unique) fell short on my birthday. But I quickly made up for it in the 7 days following my birthday, so there you have it. I consider this a success. 67 Unique adventures.

Sixty one unique experiences

Drove home from the bay, back down and back home all in one day.

Played in a Cribbage tournament 

Learned to play Mexican Train

Snowshoe trek

Published audio book

Went birdwatching

Stayed six weeks in remote cabin to write

Visited a monastery and talked with a monk

Drove on a road down the front of the dam

Attended the Penetentes Stations of the Cross service all in Spanish

Painted my arms

Went to the All Nations Pow Wow…danced!

Built a geoglyph

Toured Monument Valley with a Navajo guide (although I had gone on a horseback ride many years ago, so not entirely unique!)

Drove up the side of the cliff on the windiest, steepest road ever

Swam across Lake Combie

Kayaked in a slough on a river in Elk Grove

Rode in a Model A with Kim Glasco

Took a tour of a cemetery

Attended a “meet the political candidate” event

Got a typhoid vaccine

Got Hep A, B and Shingles vaccines

Got an APAP machine

Signed up for an Instagram account

Memorized the names of a bunch on Indian food

Made a Saree

Took ukulele lessons

Rode in a car in a country drives opposite side

Learned the hard way about converting 220amp to 110

Used a spray toilet

Wore a saree 

Had a doorman do my grocery shopping

Spent the day with someone from South Africa

Filtered all my drinking water

Ride in a bus on opposite side of the road

Watch two fathers negotiate terms for marriage 

Tried to wear a saree and be redressed in the corner of the auditorium 

Ate tons of food with no idea what it was

Had many selfies taken to be a collection on social media 

Learned how to bathe in bucket in a shower in India 

Used a hole in the floor toilet

Used Uber

Helped clean someone else’s kids vomit from the backseat of a car

Wore a micro filter face mask for pollution 

Visited a giant tomb

Had a surprise birthday party in India

Walked the streets with holy cows

Saw wild monkeys

Saw a cart pulled by a camel

Saw a palace in the middle of a lake

Watched a kite in a kite war on a rooftop in India

Had my arms painted at a pre-wedding henna party

Had tumeric smeared on my face

Had a sacred bracelet tied on my wrist

Had a red blessing on my forehead

Watched an exchange of goods at an Indian wedding

Received a welcome envelope with cash from brides family ( which I spent in a pinch)

Flew on AirAsia

Wore a turban

Ate Chinese food in India

Rode in a tuk tuk

Dried laundry on roof

Slept in a rented bed in an airport

Had things confiscated at airport security…scissors and cable locks

Traveled for over 24 hours (37 total) half way around the world

Printed fabric in India with authentic blocks on a factory printing table

Visited three step wells