More on Volunteering

So I have blogged extensively about volunteering, but here I go again. When I was a young mother I volunteered a lot (we moved and I was bored!)  I was room mother, soccer mom, education director of the Sunday School. Going back to work curtailed that avenue of enlightenment. When I retired I stepped up to the plate and volunteered some more.

Too much. I burned myself out almost as much as the job I had left because of fatigue. I stopped volunteering completely.

have decided I do need to get back out there, and so with caution I am at it again. But this time around I know my limits. I am grateful to those folks who can take on the time consuming jobs of president or treasurer or publicity liaison. And I’m not going there. I travel often, have days when I just want to read, have days when I’m madly engrossed in a project and not willing to refocus on anything.

Recently I found a new position I think will work for me and so I signed up.

Seniors First is a local organization providing a wide variety of services in my community. Meals-on-Wheels, visitations and rides are just a few. I liked the guidelines for being a driver. Very loose! I will get emails checking to see if I can drive someone to a certain place (generally shopping or medical appointments) at a certain time. I simply respond to those that I can fit in to my schedule.

Looking forward to this new adventure. I’ll let you know how it goes.