More on Giving…and asking

Not to be critical of great organizations who help a lot of people, but this time of year I am always distressed by the dollars spent on marketing….I have received three packs of FREE Holiday cards (no, not religious, but Santa hats and themes) and hundreds of address stickers (which I use, but not this many!) from organizations wanting donations. I hate to say it, but this makes me NOT want to send in money if this is how it’s spent….not very many people even send holiday cards anymore…think about ALL those cards going into landfill…
Who do I send money to? Local organizations who spell out exactly how the money is spent and who it helps…e.g. $5 a week buys enough food for one meal nightly…or some such thing.
I used to donate cash readily, always researching how it would be spent. But retirement and limited income have changed my focus. As my series on community service indicates, I am looking for other ways to help. But my budget includes lots of “fun” money. Now the decision becomes a guilt factor. Can I really go out and buy myself a Mocha with double chocolate when three blocks away folks are sleeping outside and hungry? But I don’t want this to be about guilt (just like I don’t want it to be about glory.) I want this to be about helping other humans and moving our world in the right direction. Much to mull about.