Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors

A few months ago I joined the Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors. Nope, it’s not ladies with the welcoming basket of goodies for new people in town. It is a hard working group of citizens, with the primary goal to reach out and help those in need in our community. This is a year round group, but they do put lots of time and effort into their annual Christmas Basket Drive.

It was just by chance that at my first meeting there was a request by a local music program for youth, sponsored by Faith Lutheran Church. This program is non-denominational and open to ALL youth of the area, from pre-school on up. It is an attempt to fill the gap left when the local schools eliminated music programs. Anyway, Janine Dexter, director of the program, was requesting the support of the community. Part of her request included funding for the purchase of ukuleles for those students who wanted to join the program but couldn’t afford the cost of the instrument. Now it just happened I knew that Kala Ukulele in Petaluma often donated instruments to educational groups. You can read the happy outcome at the link below.

Here are some ways you can help the Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors:

  • Support our local CANNED FOOD DRIVES at both schools!

         Sierra Hills:  Oct 29 – Nov 16

         Weimar Hills:  Nov 7 – Nov 16

  • Purchase special 5$ food bag to donate to our Christmas Food Basket

at Holiday Market (MV):  Entire month of November

  • Ornaments for Toy Basket program available

         at Wells Fargo Bank (MV):  Beginning Fri, Nov 9*

        * unwrapped toys due back at bank by Tues, Dec 11

  • Community Packing of our local CHRISTMAS FOOD BASKETS

at Sierra Hills School  on Friday, Dec 14  (Time TBA)


Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at Faith Lutheran Church,* 1115 Combie Road, MV. Social time begins at 11:30 AM, followed by lunch and meeting. Guests welcome!