Living With Nature

I live in a fairly rural area, in a house built in the late 70s… aging house. Gradually the local flora and fauna have encroached. Maybe it’s because I have been home so much more this year (well, just like all of you, stuck at home forever!)…but I am really noticing the critters that I share my home with.

The tapping, and tapping of the woodpeckers who like our house for hiding acorns…even though they have a whole forest to pick from.

The buzzing things (not sure what, wasps, bees, horse flies?) that live in the chimney pipe of my propane stove…they don’t seem to be impacted by the fire being turned on.

The bats in the attack…I built them a cool bat house, but they obviously don’t think it’s cool. Never moved in, they much prefer finding minute cracks and nesting under the ugly yellow fiberglass sheets in the crawlspace. I want them to live here because they eat mosquitos, but just not right above my bed.

Speaking of mosquitos…we seem to have a new breed that is small enough to fit through the tiny holes in the screens.

Squirrels….we have always had tree squirrels…entertaining to watch for both humans and Vizsla’s (Sylvia actually caught one once…it was awful). But now we have those little hooded ground squirrels….and they dig huge underground cities.

Wasps and Black Widows….love the eaves….even the hose with the powerful nozzle doesn’t seem to do the trick for blasting off the sticky little homes.

Deer. Yep, everyone loves to see deer….but they eat every single plant ever, especially with the drought in California…so I’m not enthralled.

All this whining aside…I do like the animals and I love where I live.