My Last Continent by Midge Raymond November Book Club

My Last Continent by Midge Raymond: A novel set against the Antarctic landscape, the story of researcher Deb Gardner, her relationship with Keller Sullivan, penguins and tourism.

You are being cheated this month. I didn’t go to the book club meeting because it fell on my anniversary. So you only hear from me. Boring. Yep.


I was super excited to read this book because I have been following the adventures of a friend who spent a year in Antarctica (she’s a large equipment operator!) Sad to say this book was a total disappointment. The information about Antarctica was sparse…I felt as if someone had read a few internet articles and reported. But worse than that was the structure and presentation of the story. The time line jumped around like crazy. Yes, the author did mark the timeline at the start of each Chapter, but that wasn’t enough for me to keep track of when things were happening. In addition, I felt like sections of the book were written at different times in the author’s life, first part read like a non-fiction, then it was a love story, a mystery…just no consistency or story arc for me to every wrap my mind around and be carried through to the end. This is a book I would have put aside if it hadn’t been for book club. Irritated that I actually bought a hard back copy because I had anticipated how much I would like it. Rate: 1.0