July Book Reviews by Marlene

IMG_3788It’s a short list this month and sorry, no wild recommendations. So, I am the one in need of recommendations for a GOOD read. I started a few not listed here but couldn’t get far enough to want to talk about them. Maybe July will bring some good reads into my life. I need them!!!

The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison. I seem to be going in the opposite direction of rave reviews once again. No, we don’t have to love the characters but we have to care about them. These two characters were shallow and depressing people that didn’t seem to have any redeeming qualities. The story starts out with the ending and then through two voices, tells the story behind the ending. I kept waiting for some growth on the part of the characters but life just goes on (or not!). I wasn’t happy with the ending either but won’t get into that since some of you might want to read it. I have been known to trash the favorites of others.

A Question of Belief by Donna Leon. I have always enjoyed the Commisario Brunetti series as Leon can weave an intriguing plot among the apt descriptions of culture and place in her favored Italy. However, this was not one of the best. Oh yes, the descriptions were superb (your mouth will water for Italian food!) but the plot was weak and not as well developed nor as interesting as others in the series. If you have never read one of these detective stories, start with another one. If you are a fan, enjoy this for what it is: light reading and a quick visit to Venice.

The Gambling Master of Shanghai and other tales of suspense by Joan Richter. I wondered why so many of these sounded familiar when I realized that many have been published in mystery magazines (passed on to me by my good friend, thanks, R). But they are still good. She has traveled and lived in foreign places so some of the stories take place elsewhere. Richter has a knack of drawing you in quickly and then sometimes, pulling the rug out at the end. Entertaining reading.

Marlene – I picked up a light read on my journeys (many parks and motels have a book exchange shelf!). New author I am going to look for, but of course I can’t find the sticky with his name. I’ll work on it!

Hey everyone else – send in your recommends!

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