Jubilación is the Spanish word for retirement. You have to LOVE it…yes, a time to feel jubilant about your life and to celebrate who you are, what you are capable of and more. I “celebrated” quitting my job seven years ago. I wasn’t old enough to collect my retirement, but it wasn’t much because I didn’t work at a job to collect it…I subcontracted, owned my own business, and worked part time. I quit working when I no longer loved my job.

And I started to write. A full time hobby, it has served me well. Yes, there have been long breaks when my mind doesn’t race with new ideas. And there are three unfinished works…one so highly revised I often think I should find my first draft and start from there. Another outlined and waiting. And the one I am working on.

This one was pulled out of the archives. The first draft was actually written before any of my other books…on my first road/writing journey. I was walking in Chaco Canyon at about 4:00, looking at elk and rattlesnakes, when the main character jumped into my head and told me her entire story. I raced back to the campsite and wrote as fast as I could. Then I finished my trip, which meant working on Imperfecta, which is what the trip was for in the first place.

I pulled this story out the other day…just to make sure I had saved it to the cloud, as I do with all my work now. And it hooked me again.

What does all this have to do with retirement?

The idea of retirement as a time to start a new career. It worked for me because I don’t have to make money off this new career, so I can call it a hobby or a past time instead. I will never have enough time to do everything I want to do…there are just not that many years left for me, even if I live to a very old age. But not everyone is like me…some of my friends have gone back to work part time or on a consulting basis because they miss the job, or need the money or can’t find enough to do. That’s okay, but I just want everyone to know about the great Spanish version of the word.

I want everyone to be jubilant as they continue the journey forward. Look ahead at the beauty and put one foot in front of the next.