Joining the Army of Women

IMG_4679I am technically working on three books right now. In reality I am painting benches. But once in a while I do write or do a little research. In the course of my research I came across the link to the Army of Women.

I was looking for causes that women with breast cancer could join that didn’t involve going on a run, raising money or donating money. Not to discount those efforts, but I wanted something more direct.

The Army of Women is basically a spot where researchers can find test subjects. Once you sign up you can read about the call for subjects and join in those that apply to you. Some involve simple internet questionnaire, other involve traveling to a medical center where the research is taking place, giving blood, DNA samples, scans or such. I immediately signed up for those close to me and I am waiting to hear from the researchers.

The thing is….there is a need for control subjects. Not just women who are of a certain age, who have a certain diagnosis or type of cancer or treatment for their cancer. But women who have never been diagnosed.

I would love it if all my women friends would check out the website and consider signing up.


  1. Marlene Koons says:

    I joined but when they asked for your email (as the person who told me about them) I refused and just said “other” and typed in that I did not want to add the friend’s email address. I applaud their work but I sure hope I am not bombarded with emails. Ha, they will probably not want anything from an old coot like me!

  2. Thanks, Robin. I’ll check these out.

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