Jennifer Dewey

I met Jennifer through Sierra Writers of the Grass Valley area. While her previous books are directed at the children’s market, her book – Navajo Summer – was one of my favorite books. This story is about a young girl who runs away from home and spends the summer in Canyon de Chelly. What an adventure.

Navajo Summer Jennifer Owings Dewey is a writer and illustrator of many critically acclaimed natural history books for children and adults, including the award winning Clem, the Story of a Raven, Spiders Near and Far, Antarctic Journal, Four Months at the Bottom of the World, Paisano, the Roadrunner, and Minik’s Story, a novel for middle grade readers about a young Inuit girl living in the 19th Century and encountering white people for the first time. Her audience for most of her work in non-fiction is the child reader between the ages of seven and ten.Bio – born and raised in the Southwest – boarding school – Rhode Island School of Design – marriage, one child, – focus on drawing before writing…

 When did you start writing?

I started writing when I was ten and I cannot remember what got me going. I’ve been writing seriously beginning in boarding school (age 12 – 17) ~ My audience is children, usually kids aged 7 – 14 ~

 What are you working on now?

My latest manuscript is for middle-aged kids and the title is Fire & Ice – it is, of course, about fire and ice. Some of my titles have been put on-line by an outfit called “Seymour Simon Science.” He is a longtime friend and a science writer (for kids).

 What kind of work habits do you have for writing?

I write daily and stick to a fairly regular schedule.

 Favorite activities?

I walk and make cookies and write and draw…I have several favorite books. At the moment I’m reading Paul Theroux – but there are many authors I admire. I like non-fiction better than fiction.

 Jennifer, you have quite a list of books under your belt. Do you have a favorite?

Minik's StoryI don’t exactly have a favorite…Maybe my Inuit book, called Minik’s Story, or my Antarctic Journal.

 Any words of wisdom?

My wisdom is: just write. And write every day, even if it is short.


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