January Poetry Club

Hurray to Tece who actually memorized her poem. I’m afraid the rest of us were overwhelmed by the holidays and read ours. But that didn’t make for any less of a good time and great discussions by all.

Tece recited Sunrise at River Pines by Elvira Zetterlund. This was extra special because Zetterlund was the grandmother of one of Tece’s friends and she was able to borrow a copy of the delightful little book, “Incense and Myrrh” published in 1958 AND she also has a connection through her husband to the town of River Pines. There isn’t really anything about her on the web…she was self published.

Kathy read Base Details by Siegried Sassoon, an English Poet and soldier. This sad poem was timely and led to a lively discussion of how painfully distant the actual soldiers (and families of soldiers) are from those who make life or death decisions.

Cindy gave us “When Life Becomes Pointless” by Susan Mrosek. She has followed Mrosek as a greeting card prose writer, and liked her enough that several of her short pieces are pinned to Cindy’s bulletin boards. This melancholy verse was an uplifting reminder that we can employ our own force to restore the “point” of our lives. I couldn’t find a link to the poem on-line, but here is a link to her wonderful cards at Pondering Pool.

I decided that since I hadn’t memorized a poem I would read a really long one! The Shooting of Dan McGrew by Robert W. Service was written in 1907 and earned this poet $500,000. At that time is was the biggest selling poem in history and was made into a movie. Incredible. I found a youtube recording of Service reading the poem…kind of a kick to listen to it. I’m searching for that 1924 movie!