I’ve Got Nothing to Say

It’s Thursday night, day ten of my quarantine, or “shelter in place” and I don’t have a blog post for tomorrow. I generally write them a few at a time and set up my web page to post on a certain date at a certain time. I keep post it notes of ideas next to my computer, or on the notes app on the cloud. On my list of things to do “WRITE BLOGS” has made its way from Sunday to Monday. Then from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday. And now it is Thursday.

I sit and look at those notes and lists and my mind is dry. There was one I was going to write about words that are fun to say, one about how old one feels when your daughter has her first mammogram and the tension that comes with this if you are third generation breast cancer. One about my bucket list and one about the trouble with being a kid.

But honestly, my brain is turned off. I can’t wrap my mind around any of those ideas.

I considered just skipping my blog altogether this week. This happens occasionally. Sometimes it’s a glitch in my automatic post system, other times I simply forget.

I could write about sheltering in place. I could write about pulling weeds, sewing, finding fabric to make masks to donate, cleaning the house, finishing lots of projects piled in corners. I could even write about meditating to get the words out of my head.

I could write about all the ZOOM activities I have had a part in this week.

But instead, sorry guys, I’m just going to go work on a jigsaw puzzle.