It’s Scary Pushing My Limits

This year’s challenge of doing Sixty-One things I have never done before is quite sluggish. For one, I have done a lot in my life, so new things are hard to find. Which I’m happy about. But the second issue is the hesitation I have and the anxiety I can easily let built up. (I’m better if the adventure is unexpected!)

My wonderful friend Tanya (who is pretty much a daughter-in-law, but I don’t know what title to give her exactly) invited me to go to India to a wedding. Initial response: YES!

Then I started surfing the internet. Oh my. What a way to put a damper on things. Yes, I want to be prepared. No, I don’t want Delhi-Belly, Cholera, kidnapping or swindling. Or to be in the middle of a war. Or to be far from home when the airport is bombed. Okay, stop, just stop.

Yep, you can see how tension can take over for adventure.

So, starting NOW, I’m meditating daily again. I’m reminding myself that I can’t sweat the unknown and unlikely. I can focus on the wonders of the world and I can remind myself that the younger version of me never sweated an adventure (well, maybe I did, but that’s the great things about memories, you can tweak them to be just what you want)

So on I go. Forward with the Sixty-One Unique Events. Fearless. Or Fear-squelched, anyway. I think I’ll go browse Zappos for some comfortable black sandals that go with a beautiful Sari.