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In 1923 fourteen-year-old Perfecta Trujillo rebels against the strict Catholic standards of her New Mexico village. She won’t be perfect anymore. She doesn’t agree that laughing, dancing and having fun are sins. But even Perfecta knows that falling in love with a Presbyterian is a sin.

How will Perfecta make her way in this less-than-perfect world?


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5.0 out of 5 stars Characters to grab your heart January 13, 2013
By Marlene A. Koons
“Imperfecta” is a delight to read as we follow along with Perfecta, from her teenage years to young adulthood, with many lessons learned along the way. Perfie (who renamed herself when she realized that she wasn’t Perfect, but neither was the world) will win you over. You will laugh with her and cry with her and then cheer as she finds her way in her hard life. Other characters will also charm you, her children (proud and independent Roberto, winsome Arturo), her husband, Issac and of course, her wonderful friend, Mary. You’ll want to shake a few people silly but it does take all kinds. Grab this book and it’ll grab your heart. You will get a real feel for the times and flavors of the places Perfie experiences, from small-town living in New Mexico to big city coping in Oakland, California, from early 1920s to war years of WWII. Kudos to Robin Martinez Rice on her first book. We look forward to more!
5.0 out of 5 stars January 29, 2013
Gloria K. 
I loved the book, “Imperfecta.” The story of Perfecta is realistic which to me means, this story could have really happened just the way it was written, the perfect kind of fiction. I found myself looking forward to my evening reading time so that I could find out if Perfecta was going to find a way out of her troubles. I don’t want to give the story away, you will just have to read it yourself.

By the third day I was reading “Imperfecta,” as if I were eating a delicious chocolate candy, savoring each page.