I’m too Tired to Finish that List.

No one warned me (well, maybe they did but I sure didn’t listen) that I would be really tired. This has been the most difficult challenge of aging. Particularly when I feel like I’m running out of time to complete my extensive bucket list.

Ah, lists. That’s another subject. My daily, monthly, yearly and lifetime lists. I have always loved them and now that I can put them on the cloud and look at them on all my devices I love them even more.

Each day I make a list for that day. In the most efficient order. Most days I get half way through the list and think of ways to put off or completely delete the rest of the items. Not because I don’t have the desire. I really do want to finish the list.

I’m too tired.

I could blame it on my vow to exercise every day. Once I have swum my mile, biked, kayaked or whatever, several hours worth of energy is wiped out.

Or, I could blame it on my sugar addiction because it most definitely impacts my energy level.

Or I could blame it on feeling blue.

I could make the to-do list shorter. But sitting around isn’t good for my mental health.

So I guess I’ll just do what I always do…make another list. This one to battle fatigue:

Meditate every morning, intermittent fasting, protein breakfast and lunch, whole food diet, ask for help, learn to say no.

Off I go. For a couple hours, anyway. Until I need a nap.