Hiking the trail to Health

IMG_4330Yvonne and I met in high school. Neither of us can remember the exact circumstances. Was it that we were both members in a club? Mr. E’s English class? We can remember all the fun times: taking our advanced biology rats with us to PE where they were trained to sit on our shoulders or peek out of a pocket. Battling it out for the 3-1-1 plan (long story, needless to say it involved extra credit points). Me abandoning her on the bunny hill on her first ever ski trip. Her “bachelorette” backpacking trip when she was the first to get married.

After she tied the knot, she moved up to Washington. Our friendship changed, but didn’t fade.

We still love to travel together and take great trips every few years.

The past year brought a new journey for both of us. Undeniable and serious health issues. Unwilling to give in we started up the trail to health.IMG_0898

We both like the apps which track not only calories, but sodium, sugars, fats, cholesterol and activity. We have both lost weight and grown stronger. Yvonne signed up for her company team to compete in a “Mud Race” and is working on core and strength. I am preparing for a backpack trip with my kids.

This year our vacation was the “Grand Circle” and a photo journey. We were proud that we ate healthy (only two meals out in two weeks) and hiked at least six miles a day. Our resolve is fueled by our strong belief that the only way to be healthy is to live a healthy lifestyle. No fads, no processed foods, fresh veggies, and keep moving. That is our trail to success.


Here we are two years ago (and over 100 pounds heavier between the two of us) in the Florida Everglades. Happy Trails!


  1. Marlene Koons says:

    Good story and loved the photos for comparison. Shows how hard you both have worked. Keep it up. You are inspirations for us!

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