HalfWay to Sixty Events

As some of you know for my sixtieth birthday this year I gave myself a challenge. I have been pretty good for the last five years about eating healthy, exercising and trying to limit my exposure to toxic environmental crud. But I had been gradually slipping, especially in the area of daily exercise. So I challenged myself to complete sixty of the following activities within one year of my 60th birthday. Sixty EACH: Hiking, 5Rhythms Dancing, Bike/Horseback Rides, Cardio workouts, Kayak adventures and Lap Swims. I missed the whole first month because for my birthday I got a kidney stone! Out of commission for thirty days, but I figured I could catch up. 

That said…I’m at the half way mark so I thought I would tally my accomplishments. So far, in six months I have: 37 Hikes, 49 Dances, 6 Bike/Horse rides, 27 Cardio Workouts, 9 Kayak trips, and 17 Lap swims. In addition I have been to water aerobics 11 times, which wasn’t part of the challenge. I also cleaned house 12 times, I know that doesn’t count, but it is hard work! I estimated the miles covered: 300. So basically, I could have walked to the Bay Area and back, plus a couple trips around the block!

It is fun, this challenge. I have danced in Sacramento, Grass Valley, Joshua Tree, Taos, and Santa Fe. I hope to add a few more cities to the list. I have ridden horses in Bodge Bay, Tierra Amarilla, Los Cerrillos, and Sacramento. I have kayaked in Ventura, Folsom Lake and my own sweet backyard, Lake Combie. I have hiked at the sea, in the mountains, across the desert and more. So far this has been a great challenge and I’m loving it.