Fresh out of ideas

Yep, I am writing this blog with an absolute blank mind. Knowing that in January I am going to have to come up with a lot more blog ideas, because Marlene will no longer be sending me book reviews (and soooo many people have told me how sad they are about that) and I am taking a break from Book Club and I have not been spending enough time working on my novel and the cars need appointment for brakes and oil changes and door latch repairs and…and…and….

I have reached the point where when I’m driving I’ll think of an idea for this blog and because I can’t write it down by the time I get where I’m going I have lost the idea. Even if I say it over and over, sing it, try to encode it somewhere in my brain, it is usually gone. I just know that some of those ideas are brilliant. Just like the ideas that whisper through my brain when I can’t sleep. Who knows, maybe by next Friday I’ll think of something, but for now you are just going to have to settle for some of my road trip  selfie photos. (Okay and one Eadie snapped when we were hiking together.)