Forgetting (Again)

So there are times in my blogs I refer to something in a very vague manner…because I can’t remember the details. I know that this is normal aging. In fact, when I was a therapist I took extra continue education in the area of aging, because I interned in convalescent hospitals. So I know in great detail what to expect when aging. That doesn’t make it any easier.
Anyone my age has experienced (many times a day for some of us) the act of walking into the next room and seeing three things that need to be done and going back to the original spot and realizing you never did what you went out there for, and in fact, you can’t exactly remember what that was. The vague “I needed something in the garage,” hovers at the edge of your conscious mind. But the ghostly image refuses to form.
Yesterday I was cleaning out my wallet (looking for a cat food coupon I was sure I had) when I found a neatly folded slip of paper with a name, phone number and email written on it. I have now read that name over and over for three days. Was this someone I promised something? Someone who promised me something? A good contact for publicity? An important someone? Or a vague someone?
Whoever she is, after a week of going through my calendar, thinking about where I have met folks recently and wracking my mind, I apologize. I have no idea why I have her name and contact information.
So if you are reading this and I promised you something. Forgive me. And ask for it again. I won’t mind.
Well, I won’t remember, anyway, so how can I mind?