Finding Flowers in the Desert

IMG_4474I had a chance to hike the desert at the prime time of year. Spring after a good winter. It was easy to see the flowers: they were everywhere.

Upon closer examination they really were everywhere, because not only were the lupine lining trails, but very tiny–I’m talking pin head here– flowers grew between the rocks, on the surfaces of trees, and hidden at the base of more visible plants.IMG_4480

Sometimes life is like the desert. From a distance it seems desolate, dry, hot and endless. A person must get down off their horse (or out of their car) and hike the red dirt. Then the trickle of life sustaining water will make its presence known. The flowers will shift in the breeze and show that life is okay, good even. Hope is restored.

I’m saying to dig deeper. It is easy, after a down time, to go back to status quo. Easy to read, swim, go out to lunch, cook, garden and live the life we have always lived.

But what if you take a closer look? Bend down and search for those minute blossoms. Make a call to an old friend, reach out to a family member for a spontaneous trip, surprise a neighbor with a plate of cookies. Stretch beyond the day-to-day activity that sustains you. Nothing big, no bouquet of red roses needed.

Just one tiny bloom.


  1. Susan Rushton says:

    I was going to comment on Facebook, but does that count as commenting here? Probably not. The message here: look carefully, expect to find loveliness. Nice job.

  2. Marlene Koons says:


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