Fighting Change (or is it really progress?)

comp-screenIn my mad dash to publish Day-of-the-Not-So-Dead on the actual Day-of-the-Dead I am simultaneously making the changes the editor sends, making a custom cover actually fit the book (not so easy as when I edit it changes the number of pages in the manuscript, which in turn changes the size of the cover needed) AND trying to put together a book trailer.



In the past book trailers were my favorite part. I love iMovie. Love adding clips, adjusting them, changing the transitions, and making everything fit the music.

Not this time.

I have a new version of the program. Woe is me. I can’t find ANYTHING. And I don’t have time to watch the dang tutorial. If I could even find one. And instructions? We all know those no longer come with products.

My technique is to randomly click on all kinds of things, then double click on them, then use the help box, then scream, then start all  over again when I make too many changes I can’t un-do.

I guess that every time there is a new version of the zillions of apps I now have loaded on my devices (and of course some work on the ipad, but not the desk top), anyway…these changes are supposed to make things better.

I sound like an old person when I say “Why can’t things stay the same?”

Guess what. I am an old person. I hope to get a lot older. But the fact of the matter is no matter how old I am/was I wish to only learn something once and then use it for the rest of eternity.

For a long time I have used my older versions of Pages, Keynote and iMovie, but suddenly they conflict with my photo program. There is a dark force out there making me update.

Or maybe they really just want to force me to pay someone else to do these things for me.

One word for that, my friends.