Ethical Company

I just have to share the experience I had the other day that made me aware of the fact that there truly are ethical companies out there! I wanted to order leggings (for dancing, of course) which work the best with my new high tech, robotic leg braces. I searched (and surfed) around for a long time looking at all the beautiful choices and ordered some from various sites. One of those sites was Society6 (linked so you can check it out.) This is one of those sites that feature artists and you can have many things made from the various work. I ordered two pairs of amazingly beautiful leggings.

When they arrived they looked great. But I was saddened when I tried them on and they sported the lower waist-band that only young folks can wear. Well, maybe not completely true, but most definitely not my body type, particularly for dancing. On the same day another order of leggings, from a different company, was delivered. These were a perfect fit, comfortable fabric, but not as beautiful or unique. I wore the low-waisted leggings for thirty minutes. Surely I could adjust. But nope, they just slid down in back too much. I examined them and thought about how I could make them fit by adding an additional waist band. BUT…I had paid a lot for them and I just couldn’t see spending that much money on something that I really wouldn’t end up being able to wear to dance. So I went on-line and started the process of returning them. Filled in the requisite order numbers, clicked the drop down box indicating I didn’t want a replacement item, and as soon as I clicked the submit button a reply popped up. It basically said that my account had IMMEDIATELY been refunded and that I didn’t need to return the item, but please donate it to somewhere worthy. Bing! My computer let me know I had an email. It was my PayPal account…the refund had already processed. In under thirty seconds.

So….my question is….why is it that every other refund I have had takes 7-14 days? If Society6 can process things with the speed of light, surely the others can as well. I guess we know the answer: they are using our money.

Anyway, I just want to thank Society6 for being so “human” and making my day.