Encouraging the VOTE

I am definitely not a fan of telemarketing calls, spam email or flyers in my mailbox. But being stuck at home, bored, frustrated, overwhelmed…I felt the need to do something to encourage folks to vote. A friend of mine introduced me to VOTE FORWARD, a simple way to participate in urging people to vote. It’s a matter of writing letters, which are made easy by the organization’s form letters, easy lists of names and addresses and support in what to write, even a return address that isn’t your own so that invalid addresses can be tracked and folks can “opt-out” if they like. When I talked with some other volunteers I heard tales of how they individualized each letter, tried to visualize the person they were writing to, etc, etc, etc. Ah…I love my over-achiever friends. After a few attempts I settled on one message, basically about voting being our voice. I wrote the same five lines, over and over…soon I felt like a kid writing “I will not talk in class” 100 times! (Although as far as this failing memory can recall, I never had to write things…I got sent outside or to the office).

I hope it works.