The other day I was people watching, something I am prone to do as a writer and as a snoopy human being. I was at the health club, swimming laps, (okay, resting between laps) and I saw a few folks I know. One of them was people watching too. I could tell by the way his head turned now and then. I knew he was an accountant. Then I saw someone else I know…a physical therapist.

Imagine how each of us saw the same person, a young mother with two toddlers.

Was the accountant thinking about how much money she made and if her income declined when she decided to be at home with her children and did she really knew how to reduce her tax burden?

Was the physical therapist noticing the slight limp on the right and the way her posture contributed to back pain and if she just didn’t lift that three year old without bending her knees…?

Was I thinking that she could change how those children behaved with just a few slight positive reinforcements? (Of course I was!)

My imagination took over. Would a mechanic think about the last time this woman changed her oil? Would a veterinarian wonder what kind of dog she had? Would a graphic artist design a logo based on her bright swim suit and oversized bag? Would a nutritionist (or even a grocery store checker) watch to see what she had in her insulated lunch bag? What kind of snacks she fed her children? Would a divorce attorney consider if she was happy in her marriage? Does a bank teller watch to see where she keeps her wallet? 

Okay. Enough. Now you know how crazy I am.