Eating as a Geography Lesson

My husband and I don’t go out to eat nearly as much as we used to. For one, the choices in our area are not what we view as our “favorite type” of dining out. What we both love is finding a small, family run restaurant owned by people from another country. We eat early and usually find ourselves in a quiet spot, with lots of attention from our server. We welcome the opportunity to strike up a conversation and learn about the owners, where they are from, the food and more. The photo you see is from our favorite Peruvian dining. (La Huaca, for you locals) This amazing ice cream is made from the lúcuma fruit. Sooooo yummy, kind of a mocha flavor, but not really. When dining at La Huaca we are ready to take a trip to Peru because the owners and servers have told us about all the best places to visit. One young man pulled out his phone and showed us on a map where we should go. Lovely!

Between finding small restaurants and increasing what I read, I am finally learning more about the world. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how sheltered and oblivious I have been about certain parts of the planet. South America is high on my radar these days and I can’t help but constantly ask “Why didn’t they teach us about South American in school?” Other than my six grade report on the Inca’s and being able to label a blank map, I really don’t recall that much was ever taught.

Anyone have good recommendations for novels about South American countries?